Via: Huffington Post

As debt crises and an aging population put pressure on government spending around the world, Canada will be part of a small, elite group of countries to retain a top-notch credit rating, says a new report from Citibank.

“Canada and the Scandinavian countries are the only countries covered in our Sovereign Ratings Outlook that we believe rating agencies will maintain a ‘AAA Stable’ status both in the near- and longer-term,” a group of Citibank economists wrote last week in a client note obtained by The Huffington Post Canada.

Of the 19 developed economies the survey looked at, only Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Norway and Switzerland — not a Scandinavian country — are projected to have a stable AAA rating three years from now, the survey predicted. (“AAA” is the highest credit rating possible, and denotes the lowest possible risk to lenders.)

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