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Local film ‘The Grand Seduction’ earned another accolade Saturday night, when director Don McKellar was presented with the award for Best Direction in a Feature Film by the Directors Guild of Canada.

It’s another in a list of accolades for the film, which was nominated in four categories at the Canadian Screen Awards, earned Gordon Pinsent the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the same awards ceremony, and saw Mark Critch bring home the David Renton Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor at the Atlantic Film Festival.”I’m absolutely delighted for our director Don McKellar,” producer Barbara Doran told The Telegram Sunday morning. “You never really know how well a film will do when you send it out there, so this feels great. We had many advantages with this film: a great director, cast, crew and the stunning landscape of Newfoundland.”Filmed in St. John’s and Trinity Bight during the summer of 2012, “The Grand Seduction” is a remake of the 2003 Quebec film, “La Grande seduction.” The local version is set in a community called Tickle Head, where an oil company plans to set up a factory in the town, saving it from economic misery, but only if there’s a resident doctor. The residents then attempt to seduce a doctor into moving there by making him believe it’s the finest place on Earth to call home.

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