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Saskatoon alternative-indie band Close Talker released their second studio album, “Flux” this month.

The album was written last winter when two of the band members were back in Saskatoon for a break during the winter. The 10-song album was largely written in the span of a week and released Nov. 4.

“We spent about a week this past Christmas doing a lot of the writing. Just sort of crammed ourselves into our jam space and didn’t leave until night time. It was really intense, and a pretty productive, but crazy week,” drummer and vocalist Chris Morien said.

Morien said this album’s writing is more intentional than their previous one. The band focused on a theme that resonated with all of them.

“The songs are sort of bouncing around the theme of change. We’re all sort of going through different changes in our lives, just from playing a lot more music, growing as people, and learning about ourselves,” Morien said. “We’re kind of in flux, I guess.”

Morein added that fans can expect to hear that intent in the lyrics, along with a more atmospheric, intricate sound.

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